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About the Program

iCetana’s Partner Program is an opportunity for established systems integrators and Value Added Resellers to become certified to resell, install and support iCetana’s AI-assisted video monitoring solutions.

Partners also have access to iCetana training, sales and marketing resources and technical guidance through the iCetana Partner Portal, as well as a leads program.

After joining the Partner Program, partners are required to undergo a certification course that provides them with sales and technical knowledge related to iCetana’s products. Having completed the certification requiremenrs, the partner will be recognized as a “Certified iCetana Partner”, allowing them to start reselling iCetana.



The portal includes all the business and marketing resources you need.


Marketing Tools

iCetana Partners get access to: marketing collateral (demo clips, case studies, brochures, presentations, etc.), web resources (promotional clips, logos, texts), marketing campaigns, events listing and more.

Sales Tools

Partner tools and training material to assist in the sales process.

Deal Registration

Easy to use deal registration that will let us help you every step of the process.

Training & Support

iCetana offers a comprehensive training and certification program that all Partners must complete to receive “Certified” status.  Partners must be certified to close deals.

Membership Benefits

There are exclusive benefits available when joining our partner program.

Technical Support

Technical support for pre-and post-sale enquiries plus support to help resolve client issues.

Unique Product Pricing

Attractive sales margin and wholesale pricing.


iCetana Certified training and installation support

Deal Registration 

Ability to resgiter opporunities online.


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